Moving Your Finances Overseas

One of the very-long-term goals for our family, one that probably won't be realized until the kids are sent off to college, is to live overseas for an extended period of time. Our family connections, careers, and school systems are among the things that keep us here for now. Over time, all of those factors … Continue reading Moving Your Finances Overseas


20 Tips for Attending a Tennis Tournament

The Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida is becoming a yearly tradition for me. While it's not a Grand Slam-level tournament, it's becoming recognized as one of the major tennis events of the year. Living about 2 hours away from the tournament site is a big reason why I'm very comfortable spending money here. For easily less … Continue reading 20 Tips for Attending a Tennis Tournament

Budgeting for Summer Vacation

Summer is still months away, but it’s never too early to start planning your next vacation. Most families, especially those with kids, will take their long vacation of the year between the months of June and September. There are exceptions, of course. When I was younger, we took a 2-week ski trip every March or … Continue reading Budgeting for Summer Vacation


Perspectives from Poland

A few months ago, I spent two full weeks with my family in Poland. It was my longest stay in over 10 years, dating back to the long summers spent there as a kid, and my first time back in 3 years. I was particularly self-reflective on this trip, more so than in years past. … Continue reading Perspectives from Poland


10 Thoughts on Travel with a Toddler

We recently returned from a two-week trip to “the homeland,” spending time with my family and sharing the joy of our son with them for the first time. It wasn’t his first time away from home on vacation, but it was his first flight and trip overseas. As a result, we were eager to poll … Continue reading 10 Thoughts on Travel with a Toddler


8 More Ways to Save on Vacations

I discuss eight ways we save money on vacations, including researching ahead and booking a place with kitchen facilities.


Cabins: The Hidden Vacation Gem

Last New Year’s, we rented a cabin in the middle of the woods in Georgia for an absurdly low amount of money. We enjoyed it so much that we’re doing it again in July. So what’s all the hype about?