Moving From Quicken to YNAB 4

As an envelope budget user for the last five years, and specifically a You Need a Budget user for the last two, I’ve been looking for ways to cut ties with Quicken. I love Quicken’s functionality, and it’s been an integral part of managing my money since high school, if you can believe it. But […]

Making the Switch to Online Accounting Software

For the purposes of running my online business, I’m looking to make the switch from PC to Mac sometime this year. We upgraded to all-Mac systems at my office earlier this year, and I’m really impressed with the speed and interface of Macs, and equally disappointed with the new Windows 8 and even plans for […]

9 Ways We Get the Most Out of Our Internet Service

Last week, we finally cut the cord to our cable service and said goodbye to our digital boxes. Part of our confidence in doing so is the fact that we continue to have high-speed broadband coming into our house, and can use a wide variety of online services for watching movies and shows, and many […]

How Well Does Your Bank Protect Your Personal Information?

Today’s guest post is from Patrick Russo. Patrick writes for, a website that monitors products and rates at more than 7,500 banks and credit unions and that pairs that information with comprehensive commentary, reviews, tools, and community forums to equip and guide depository banking consumers. Identity theft and guarding personal information are important topics […]

Adaptu Alternatives

Over the years, I’ve heard more good things about Adaptu from readers than I did about almost any other software or tool out there. It seemed that people who used it really liked it. It was their partnership with Man vs. Debt during his RV tour around the country that initially got me turned onto them, and I […]

The Value of an Angie’s List Membership

Launched in 1995 as a site aggregating verified online reviews, Angie’s List reached mainstream popularity in the last few years, and boasts about 1.5 million subscribers. After constantly hearing about Angie’s List, I decided to finally give it a try. What pushed me over the edge was a recent decision to get the windows tinted […]

Moving Your Finances Overseas

One of the very-long-term goals for our family, one that probably won’t be realized until the kids are sent off to college, is to live overseas for an extended period of time. Our family connections, careers, and school systems are among the things that keep us here for now. Over time, all of those factors […]