The One Thing I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old-Self

We all wish we could turn back the clock, write a letter to our younger self, and share some critical piece of insight that would change the rest of our life forever. Next year, I’m going to turn 30. This seems like a big milestone, like I should have my life figured out by now […]

11 Ways I Save Money

If there’s anything positive to say about the recent recession, it’s that many of us have learned how to live on a limited budget in some way. I regularly write about ways to save money or this thing or that, but what are some of the things that I actually practice? Here are some of […]

9 Shortcuts for Money Management in Record Time

Time. It’s a universal constant and a universal complaint. We all get the same amount, and most of us treat it as a precious commodity. We also complain about how little of it we have. We read books and blog posts about how to get more time, which really means using the time we already […]