Estimating My Estimated Taxes

Since forming my business last year, the issue of paying estimated taxes has come up throughout the year. In 2011, it wasn't necessary because my online income was minimal, but for 2012, the question is coming up again, and my decision is a good case study for those of you wondering whether you need to … Continue reading Estimating My Estimated Taxes


5 New Tax Lessons for 2012

It's February 1st and while for most Americans, taxes are still a distant thought, my business taxes were filed last weekend and my personal taxes are "in the envelope," so to speak. I'm not trying to be an A+ student, I simply want my money back. 😉 While I strive for the $0 refund every … Continue reading 5 New Tax Lessons for 2012

Radio Interview: Tips for Tax Time

I recently had an amazing opportunity to share some tax-time tips with a wide radio audience. The interview aired this Sunday on many of the K-Love affiliates throughout the country. Hear the audio and revisit my best tips here!