Setting Useful Financial Goals

One of the frustrating parts about setting goals in personal finance is that it can be a very vague experience. Without a framework to base your goals on, you end up with targets like "save $10,000 by the end of next year" or "pay off the credit cards." These are large, ambiguous goals without much … Continue reading Setting Useful Financial Goals


9 Ways We Get the Most Out of Our Internet Service

Last week, we finally cut the cord to our cable service and said goodbye to our digital boxes. Part of our confidence in doing so is the fact that we continue to have high-speed broadband coming into our house, and can use a wide variety of online services for watching movies and shows, and many … Continue reading 9 Ways We Get the Most Out of Our Internet Service

The Value of an Angie’s List Membership

Launched in 1995 as a site aggregating verified online reviews, Angie's List reached mainstream popularity in the last few years, and boasts about 1.5 million subscribers. After constantly hearing about Angie's List, I decided to finally give it a try. What pushed me over the edge was a recent decision to get the windows tinted … Continue reading The Value of an Angie’s List Membership


Should I Upgrade to YNAB 4?

I have a long history with YNAB (You Need a Budget), both good and bad. To make a long story short, I was using and loving Mvelopes, while YNAB had a lot of problems with its new release. YNAB then fixed those problems, Mvelopes went south and I switched back. Today, I use a combination of Quicken 2011 and … Continue reading Should I Upgrade to YNAB 4?


Google Drive Saves You Big Bucks

It’s not often that I mention specific products on the blog, since you’re all capable of weighing the pros and cons of the various providers. Once in a while though, something special comes along that I just have to mention. Cloud Storage For some of you, cloud storage will seem like old news, and for … Continue reading Google Drive Saves You Big Bucks


Mvelopes Re-Design and Free Version Fall Short

I started using Mvelopes to manage my budget in February 2009, less than one month after the launch of this blog. Since then, the software has remained mostly the same in terms of functionality, design, and price. Last week, Finicity launched a new version of the product with the promise of grand improvements. Unfortunately, my long-time … Continue reading Mvelopes Re-Design and Free Version Fall Short


Progressive Snapshot Review

Nearly two years ago, I revisited my auto insurance premiums as I do every few years. I decided that switching to Progressive was the most logical and inexpensive choice among the 4-5 providers I quoted. Through two fender-benders, they have remained competitive in pricing and fantastic to work with in their claims process. In September … Continue reading Progressive Snapshot Review