Keeping Your Focus in Economic Recovery

This post originally ran on the blog in 2009, when it seemed recovery was around the corner. Nearly 4 years later, recovery is still slow in coming, particularly in my sector of the economy, but we're seeing positive signs everywhere, including the housing market. I wanted to revisit some of the principles that I published … Continue reading Keeping Your Focus in Economic Recovery

What if Your Money Disappeared Tomorrow?

At any one time, I’m following 2 or 3 television shows. Three hours of weekly TV is plenty, so I try to stick to that limit. Right now, I happen to be watching Top Chef: Just Desserts (just finished with Top Chef: DC), the latest season of Flashpoint, and Discovery’s The Colony. A “Controlled Experiment” … Continue reading What if Your Money Disappeared Tomorrow?

When Home Ownership Went Downhill

Have you noticed how owning a home is getting a terrible reputation lately? We are a society that loves to challenge the status quo, and thanks to the spectacular collapse of the housing market, the long-time "American Dream" is the new target. "Isn't this the best time to buy a home?," you might ask. "Aren't … Continue reading When Home Ownership Went Downhill