Short and Long-Term Financial Planning

Planning for the future may be seem like a daunting task for many hard-working individuals. At some point, it becomes important to make long-term plans for personal finances. Insurance companies offer financial services that are just as diverse and viable as those offered by banks and other institutions, such as credit unions. Retirement plans in … Continue reading Short and Long-Term Financial Planning


Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Your Will

While no one wants to think about the inevitable, the sad truth about life is that no one can avoid death. While this is a hard pill for many to swallow, it doesn't mean that you can't take steps to ease the burden on your loved ones after you’re gone. A well planned and professionally … Continue reading Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Your Will

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

It's March, which means that the weather is turning warmer in many parts of the country, and it's time for some Spring Cleaning in preparation for summer. Like our homes, our finances tend to get bogged down with dirt and clutter, and it's a good idea to clean house at least once a year. What … Continue reading Spring Cleaning for Your Finances


The Power of Quarterly Goals for Your Money

If you've done any kind of planning, financial or otherwise, at any point in your life, you've likely hit an important question that can affect the success of those plans. That question has to do with timeframe--what's too short and what's too long? When it comes to life planning, I cap out setting "goals" at … Continue reading The Power of Quarterly Goals for Your Money


How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Given my recent responsibilities of new children and having now moved into a more permanent home, I'm turning my thinking to planning for any unfortunate accidents. I'm attacking this from several fronts, including preparing a will & testament, an emergency guide to our family's finances and my personal information, and purchasing some kind of financial … Continue reading How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?


How Safe are Your Plans from Unexpected Expenses?

This post is super-important. If you can embrace the concept of financial readiness, I believe you can achieve any reasonable financial goal that you set. The problem is that we're lying to ourselves. We design our budgets, set up our goals and live out our financial lives with the expectations that the world is at … Continue reading How Safe are Your Plans from Unexpected Expenses?


What Do You Have to Lose?

I have a serious problem with contingency planning, even when I don't mean to. In the back of my mind, I'm always 10 steps ahead of everyone else in terms of thinking of the "what-ifs." It's not necessarily a bad thing--I tend to be a very defensive driver, anticipating dumb things people will do well … Continue reading What Do You Have to Lose?