If you're shooting for consistency in your financial plan, you are bound to be disappointed. Instead, I try to find a sense of balance between different seasons, seasons that can vary widely at times from incredible highs to incredible lows. For starters, there are times of flat growth or stagnation, times of accelerated growth, and … Continue reading Seasons


9 Effective Ways to Completely Waste Your Money Energy

I'm a firm believer that you should work on your money in ways that matter and make a difference, and then leave it alone. Assuming that you want to move your money to a better place, I think there are two basic ways to get there: Smart money management: tracking, tweaking, reporting, re-balancing, etc. Smart work … Continue reading 9 Effective Ways to Completely Waste Your Money Energy

Hire Yourself as Your Own Assistant

Here’s an idea that’s so crazy, it just might work. I’ve been using this to get things done for my online business for the last few months. The Premise It’s human nature to compartmentalize our life into roles. We turn on and turn off different parts of our experience and personality when we’re at work, … Continue reading Hire Yourself as Your Own Assistant


Why I Still Wash My Own Car

It’s all part of the greater American Dream: the kids in swimsuits running around the driveway, the green garden hose, the car soap, lots of splashing and general merriness happening. Never mind this romantic notion and the fact that it was replaced with motorized car washes in our busy lifestyles. Is washing my own car … Continue reading Why I Still Wash My Own Car


Progress is Made by Action in Spite of Fear

In case you missed it last weekend, Felix Baumgartner just did some pretty crazy stuff. After more than 5 years of intense training, design, practice runs, and testing with the Red Bull Stratos team, Felix jumped from a balloon that carried him to more than 24 miles above the Earth (roughly 127,000 feet), falling for over … Continue reading Progress is Made by Action in Spite of Fear


How Can We Gamify Money?

I've been stuck inside the house all weekend, awaiting the wrath of Hurricane Isaac that never happened, and I started thinking about new trends in personal finance. I think there's a big opportunity for someone to make a lot of money, go beyond the gamification that Mint and other players in the space have provided … Continue reading How Can We Gamify Money?


Don’t Focus on Your Money

The management, regular review, and care about money are all good things. Without these things, the system can quickly fall apart and all your hard work could disappear. But there is another truth in personal finance that many of us ignore. Focusing on money itself, the actual or virtual money you have, is not productive. Why is … Continue reading Don’t Focus on Your Money