My Favorite Podcasts

I don’t have a whole lot of “free” time on my hands lately, but I do one thing every single day that is required and consistent—I commute. Every single day, I’m afforded the gift of 20 minutes each way in my car with no distractions, except those I choose to create for myself by listening … Continue reading My Favorite Podcasts

Challenging Money: Psychology Edition

I’m a huge fan of psychology, and particularly how our mind works and impacts the choices we make with our money. It’s a huge field that can only be dissected in bits and pieces. This week, three outstanding bloggers tackle financial psychology.

Carnival of Personal Finance #301: Color Theory Edition

I’m pleased to be hosting the 301st edition of the longest running (and most prestigious) personal finance carnival around—the Carnival of Personal Finance. As expected, many high-quality posts were submitted this week, and the task of picking the best of the bunch was daunting, but I got it done. This week’s Carnival theme is color … Continue reading Carnival of Personal Finance #301: Color Theory Edition