Avoid These Mistakes With Inherited IRAs

As with many retirement and savings options, there are clauses located in the small print which relate to many aspects of how the money is handled. This can include anything from how and when it’s appropriate to withdraw money, and what happens if someone inherits your IRA. Very often, inheritors of IRAs are unaware of … Continue reading Avoid These Mistakes With Inherited IRAs


When to Pull Out of the Market

You may have heard that the Dow, an old and reliable measure of stock market performance, recently surpassed 15,000 for the first time in history. The media is making a big deal each time we hit one of these milestones, and it's generating a lot of water cooler talk and frenzy among the most novice … Continue reading When to Pull Out of the Market

Why Is Spread Betting Illegal in the US?

Investing is a heavily regulated activity, so it makes perfect sense that the rules and regulations that govern investing in different countries would vary. A UK company called Cantor Index, for example, engages primarily in providing spread betting services. The same company operating in the United States would be considered illegal. What is spread betting, … Continue reading Why Is Spread Betting Illegal in the US?


Why The Facebook IPO is Not For Me

Unless you've been under a rock, you have probably heard that Facebook decided to "go public" and begin trading on the open market as of this morning. For Facebook (or any other company), an IPO (initial public offering) offers a unique opportunity for a one-time cash boost and other perks. Are you investing in Facebook? … Continue reading Why The Facebook IPO is Not For Me


My Experience with Forex

While my personal investment style is conservative and focused largely on index funds, one of my goals for this site is to learn about and introduce some of the lesser-known investment opportunities available. With the proliferation of internet access and the rise of the “online broker” over the last decade, even those opportunities that seemed … Continue reading My Experience with Forex


How to React to Stock Market Panic

Between July 21 and August 8, the Down Jones index fell more than 15%, creating one of the longest streaks of down days in Dow history. Here are a few basic tips for reacting to a market panic.


What Stock Broker Would I Recommend?

Doug writes in to ask about the best brokers to trade stocks with. I share some of the brokers I have experience with and who I would choose today.