Snapshot from Progressive: The 2013 Update

Nearly two years ago, in September 2011, I first began using Progressive Snapshot for what was then a competitive insurance policy with Progressive. I also wrote an in-depth review about the experience here, complete with screenshots and some hard data. Since then, a couple of things happened. I switched to Esurance in 2012 because of … Continue reading Snapshot from Progressive: The 2013 Update


How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Given my recent responsibilities of new children and having now moved into a more permanent home, I'm turning my thinking to planning for any unfortunate accidents. I'm attacking this from several fronts, including preparing a will & testament, an emergency guide to our family's finances and my personal information, and purchasing some kind of financial … Continue reading How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Settling a Bodily Injury Claim

If you ever have to deal with a car accident that involves actual or potential injury, this might help. About three months ago, my wife was involved in a car accident, and she was about six months pregnant at the time (we are expecting in just a few days). She was stopped at a red … Continue reading Settling a Bodily Injury Claim


Affordable Care Act and Our Choices

The¬†Affordable Care Act is among¬†the most polarizing pieces of legislation ever created. It was upheld in June by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, and the buzz surrounding what it means to politics, law, and the individual was deafening. If it continues to exist as law after this November's elections and subsequent presidency, I … Continue reading Affordable Care Act and Our Choices


Goodbye Progressive, Hello Esurance

Brand loyalty when it comes to auto insurance is simply getting too expensive. Sure, you get the "2-year discount," the "loyal customer discount" or whatever your particular company happens to be pushing. The reality is that I've had car insurance for almost 8 years now, and I'm on my 4th company. For whatever reason, the … Continue reading Goodbye Progressive, Hello Esurance


Getting Frequent Car Insurance Quotes

When it comes to keeping expenses under control and spending within our means, regularly evaluating your ongoing expenses is a big part of the equation. Making sure that you have the cheapest car insurance at all times is one area where it pays to keep a watchful eye on your life and your options. The … Continue reading Getting Frequent Car Insurance Quotes