Be Wary of Hospital Pre-Pay Requirements

Buyer beware! More and more hospitals are apparently using the tactic of collecting pre-payments in part or in full for non-emergency services rendered at their facility. While this makes good business sense for the hospital, and is probably warranted given the potential for non-payment by patients after treatment, you should be aware of these practices, … Continue reading Be Wary of Hospital Pre-Pay Requirements


Affordable Care Act and Our Choices

The Affordable Care Act is among the most polarizing pieces of legislation ever created. It was upheld in June by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, and the buzz surrounding what it means to politics, law, and the individual was deafening. If it continues to exist as law after this November's elections and subsequent presidency, I … Continue reading Affordable Care Act and Our Choices

How Much Does Tennis Cost?

As a frequent tennis player, people who are remotely interested in the sport sometimes ask me about the potential costs of taking on the hobby. They are rightfully worried--popular sports like golf (a local favorite, where we apparently have more golf courses per capita than the rest of the world) can cost thousands of dollars per year in … Continue reading How Much Does Tennis Cost?


Our Health Insurance Costs are Skyrocketing!

Last week, our health insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida) sent us a letter about yet another rate increase. Between our two policies, this is the third or fourth increase in the two years since we launched our individual policies. The latest hike for my wife’s policy jacks the rate by a few … Continue reading Our Health Insurance Costs are Skyrocketing!


How to Be Ready for Medical Emergencies

When health problems knock at the door, how will you respond? Here are a few pointers for getting ready based on our recent experience.


The Key to Success with Money is Watching People Lose Weight

The correlation between weight and money is striking--I'd like to revisit it from my perspective and explain why the connection is so strong.


Does Having AFLAC Make Financial Sense?

I don't know how AFLAC makes money with our pregnancy insurance policy, but I honestly don't care--it pays off for us in the end. Can it do the same for you?