9 Effective Ways to Completely Waste Your Money Energy

I’m a firm believer that you should work on your money in ways that matter and make a difference, and then leave it alone. Assuming that you want to move your money to a better place, I think there are two basic ways to get there: Smart money management: tracking, tweaking, reporting, re-balancing, etc. Smart work […]

What’s Your Most Important Problem?

What’s the biggest challenge you face with your money, right now? This sounds like a dumb question, but I invite you to dig deeper, to challenge your assumptions. Somewhere in your financial life, there is a cancer eating away at your best efforts to make it work, to get ahead. Finding it, acknowledging it, and creating […]

The Best Video You Will Watch This Year

For the last two weeks, I’ve been looking for a proper way to end the year on a positive note and send the readers of this blog into 2012 with momentum. As if by chance this week, the way to do it dropped directly into my lap. Long-time readers know that I’m a huge fan […]

iMania Makes Me Nauseous

Unless you consciously shun contact with the outside world, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the latest craze in the world of tech–the new Apple iPhone. The untimely death of Steve Jobs only amplified this effect, with a bright spotlight on Apple and their place in technological history. However, I reject the notion that iMania, the craze that surrounds […]

Is The World Designed for 4 People?

A colleague of mine mentioned something recently that I thought was fascinating: Along with his wife, they are only planning to have two kids, partly because the world is “designed” for 4-member families. What an interesting way to look at how we design things, I thought, and what “normal” means in the world today. Have […]

The Intimate Details of My Financial Life

…will probably never be revealed, but the fact that you clicked on this post probably means you’re interested. Such is human nature and curiosity, particularly when it comes to a social taboo like money. As a “public figure” in the world of money, I’m often asked and expected to talk about concrete details of my […]