The Two Most Important Questions When Cutting Down Your Budget

There are as many reasons for cutting a budget as there are individuals: maybe you've just lost a job or got a pay cut, or perhaps you want to save more for an upcoming trip, or maybe you have a brand new budget and realized that you're spending way too much. Cutting budget categories has … Continue reading The Two Most Important Questions When Cutting Down Your Budget


Moving From Quicken to YNAB 4

As an envelope budget user for the last five years, and specifically a You Need a Budget user for the last two, I've been looking for ways to cut ties with Quicken. I love Quicken's functionality, and it's been an integral part of managing my money since high school, if you can believe it. But … Continue reading Moving From Quicken to YNAB 4

My Simpler Budgeting Strategy

We're moving through the process of buying our first home (more on that in a few weeks), so it was clearly time to give our budget an overhaul. Through the process of re-working our budget, I discovered a really effective methodology that combines a number of different components into a single, simple budget. My new … Continue reading My Simpler Budgeting Strategy


Getting Frequent Car Insurance Quotes

When it comes to keeping expenses under control and spending within our means, regularly evaluating your ongoing expenses is a big part of the equation. Making sure that you have the cheapest car insurance at all times is one area where it pays to keep a watchful eye on your life and your options. The … Continue reading Getting Frequent Car Insurance Quotes


The Cost of Dental Care for Dogs

One of the first and most popular posts on the blog deals with the lifetime costs of a dog, which can be staggering. A few months ago, I did something I would have never imagined doing as a novice dog owner 5 years ago: I took my dog to the dentist.  Some of you will … Continue reading The Cost of Dental Care for Dogs


How to Create a Minimalist Budget

One of my core goals is to lead a simpler, more focused life. This post explores some of my original ideas for simplifying money. Mention the word budget and you immediately lose half the audience. Some are "way too advanced" for it, some have tried and failed, and others are too scared to even look. … Continue reading How to Create a Minimalist Budget


Sorting Out Your Expenses

If you ever set out to clear your house of unwanted things, you probably used or at least heard of the "box" or "pile" method. In essence, you're forced to review everything you touch in a particular area of the house and categorize it based on what should happen with the item. Typically, the piles … Continue reading Sorting Out Your Expenses