About Fiscal Fizzle

Fiscal Fizzle is a personal finance blog launched in 2009 and closed in 2014. It’s a place to find a wide variety of money tips, tools, practical solutions, and resources. If you’re new to the site, I suggest starting here.

My Story

I was born in communist Poland in the 80’s and lived there about half my childhood. I eventually settled down in the southeast United States with my wife, and these days, I’m “Dad” to two budding troublemakers, and a young professional.

Growing up during the end of the Cold War (and visiting many times since), I got to witness poverty and frugality firsthand. To this day, my parents and grandparents focus on limited consumption, saving, and spending with cash, and demonstrate incredible creativity in how to make money last.

By 2009, I was more than three years out of college, moving forward quickly in my career, and getting ready for marriage and a new family. But not everything was rosy–my wife was laid off twice since graduating, I was watching my industry and the real estate market fall apart, and money suddenly became the topic of choice in my social circles. I realized that I could make a difference and help people with my passion for personal finance.

This blog turned into much more than a hobby. I’ve also realized that learning how to handle money is a life-long experience. I’d love to teach you what I’ve learned, and learn from you in return.

Legal Stuff

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