Side Business Ideas When You’re Already Employed

Even though you might already have a job, you might have dreams of starting your own business, or maybe your current job simply isn’t as fulfilling as you wish it were. In any case, starting a side business is a great way to bring in extra money. Before you start looking into Seattle business insurance rates, here are a few side gig ideas that might interest you:

Virtual Assistant

If you’re highly organized, have a pleasant phone voice and are self-motivated, you could have a great career as a virtual assistant. You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to have special training, nor do you have to drive to a physical office to act as a virtual assistant. You can help clients operate their own businesses, keep their personal and professional lives in order and help them with travel accommodations. With the right amount of experience and clients in the right industry, you can make some serious money.

Graphic Design

Maybe your talents lie in designs, logos and the like. Even if you didn’t go to school to study graphic design, it’s never been easier to learn on your own. Once you feel you’re ready to offer your services to others, you can professionally design as well as sell work for individual clients and companies. Even when you manage to turn your skills into a profession, continue to build and refine your skills as well as remain current in the industry to remain relevant and bring in more clients.


Those who have an extensive background in a particular industry can work as consultants who help up-and-coming businesses. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are eager to soak up the knowledge and experience of those who’ve come before them or have extensive knowledge of something like social media, ecommerce or content creation. The way to maximize your reach, as well as your earnings, is to know as much as possible about a niche subject, and having official certifications or recognition doesn’t hurt, either.

Dog Walking/Sitting

Do you love pets? Maybe you have some free hours throughout the week to help those who don’t and need help taking care of their four-legged family members. Consider offering your time and affection as a dog sitter or walker. To boost your reputation and confidence clients have in you, it’s best that you have a few pets of your own, and that you earn certification in first aid and CPR. Additionally, it can’t hurt to learn a few basic housekeeping skills in case you have clients who’d like for you to both pet and house sit. Cleaning up while they’re gone is sure to increase the money you make.

Website Design

In addition to graphic design, you can start a similar business by creating websites. There are hundreds of other individuals looking to make a go at having a side business, and they might need a professional website to attract clients, which is where you come in. Just like with graphic design, you can learn how to create websites on your own time if you don’t have an educational background in the subject.

There are more opportunities than ever for those looking to make some money or start a career on the side. Start exploring your options and engaging your passion today.