This Blog in 2014

First of all, our family wishes you a happy and prosperous new year. 2013 was an exciting new year, full of changes and new opportunities, and 2014 promises to bring more of the same.

You haven’t heard much from me last year, as our family settled into a new home and into a new routine with two kids. My hope is that the new year will give me more opportunities to write. Specifically, I will be focusing down on 6 key financial topics over the course of the coming year:

  1. Planning, organizing, and simplifying your money.
  2. Money in the context of your family (marriage and kids).
  3. Budgeting, and specifically envelope budgeting.
  4. Financial aspects of your physical home.
  5. Building your career and (online) business.
  6. Managing your transportation costs (i.e. cars).

I’ve chosen to focus on these specific topics because, as I’ve discovered, they are the ones that interest me the most and provide a lot of value to my readers.

See you very soon!