2012 in Review


Wrapping up my look back on 2012, here’s a catch-all post to get you up to speed on all the goings-on of the past year on the blog and in my personal life.

All things considered, 2012 was an outstanding year for our family. We were blessed in many ways, had doors opened to new opportunities, received help when it was needed, and are moving into 2013 with a lot of momentum.

Here are the highlights:

  • We had a baby. We spent the majority of 2012 on the pregnancy train, following up on our first success of 2010. On the morning of December 31, 2012, we rang in the new year at the hospital by welcoming a little brother to the family. (Yes, the lucky tax deduction is not lost on me!)
  • I made more income online. I failed to reach my aggressive 2012 target of making more than 25% of my total income online, but the final numbers weren’t too shabby. If things continue at the rate of the last few months, I should hit 20-30% by the end of 2013, and that’s exciting news.
  • I created an online product. Last last year, I finally fulfilled my goal of publishing a paid product online, launching a comprehensive eBook about selling your car on Craigslist. Sales have been much lighter than expected but are steady and should supplement my online income nicely.
  • I got into fitness, at least until April when an injury broke the habit I worked so hard to create. I had a lot of fun learning about free weights and looking better, and want to bring this back into my routine on a less-intensive scale.
  • We didn’t buy a house. We failed to buy something by our self-imposed December 31 deadline, but it’s not for lack of trying. The local market is getting competitive and finding something we like is proving to be more difficult than anticipated.

Top New Posts

Out of everything posted this year, several articles stood out above the rest in terms of popularity. Here are the top view-getters from last year:

Blog Statistics

Fiscal Fizzle continues to grow every year in terms of pure reach. There were more than 240,000 unique visitors to the blog in 2012, which represents 35% growth over the previous year. Email and RSS subscriber numbers also increased across the board.

Plans for 2013

The beginning of each year marks renewed optimism and grand ideas. I have many, and achieving even a small fraction of them will hopefully make a huge positive difference in my life.

As far as Fiscal Fizzle, you might recall that I’ve adopted a new motto for 2013: experiments in money. The spirit of trying out new things and looking for new perspectives will drive new content in the coming year.

I continue to have plans to launch a second blog as well, although the exact topic has been a matter of internal debate for many years now. If and when that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Happy New Year!

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