December 21, 2012


“It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine.” – R.E.M.

Do you feel fine?

No, no, I’m serious–do you feel fine?

If what doomsday experts and believers across the world say is true, then this post may never go live. My web server might be destroyed in a flood or a fire today, my body might be exploded into space by an erupting super-volcano, and I think it’s safe to say that this year’s Christmas presents would remain unopened.

All jokes aside, as I drove around town this week and got closer to Friday, there was an odd fear in my heart in the face of defiance. The defiance came in the form of “Surely, this Mayan Prophecy business is nonsense and we’ll be moving forward on Saturday with our lives.” Surely.

The fear, surprising even myself, was “What if they’re right? Do I feel fine? Where would I want to be? What would I want to be doing? Am I ready? Am I finished?”

Nothing like a little doomsday-ism to get me in the reflective mood, and I’m sure we’ll be having a good laugh about it in a few years (I hope, anyway).

But see, the thing is—doomsday is coming for all of us. Sure, it’d be nice to have a date, and today is a convenient one. But eventually, maybe gradually or maybe suddenly, tragically young or wisely old, death comes for all of us.

Do you feel fine?

I played with my son for an extra-long time today, read him a story especially well, and gave him an unusually long goodnight kiss. Like it could be the last night for us. Because really, every night should be like that.

It’s holiday time around the world. For many of us, that means a lot of reflection, taking stock of what was accomplished this year and looking forward to next year’s goals.

If you’re still around to read this today, I invite you to ask yourself just one important question: Do I feel fine?

I wish you all a great holiday season, and may you have the strength to let the answer to that question guide you forward.

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One thought on “December 21, 2012

  1. To be honest, I felt more nervous and a need to prepare when superstorm Sandy was on its way to hit us. Hey, if the world is going to end, why prepare? Spend some nice time with your family and enjoy a last meal.

    But if you’re going to get hit with a big event that does a ton of damage to your lifestyle, that’s when you need to prepare. Luckily, we in the DC area didn’t get hit as bad as folks in NY, but we were ready just in case we would be.

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