Trying Something New


One of the outcomes of the advice to “just start” when it comes to blogging is that you don’t really know where you’ll end up. The process is beautiful and frustrating.

In a few months, Fiscal Fizzle will enter its 5th year of existence, and it was beginning to freak me out. By now, surely I thought, the site should have more of a purpose or aspiration. Writing about money is a lot of fun, but why am I doing this? 

Then a simple truth hit me–everything meaningful thus far has been about experiments. I love trying new things with money almost unlike any other area of my life, where I despise change. I like new software, fresh ideas, new ways of looking at things, buying things, or making money.

Almost anyone can tell you how to balance a budget or use a credit card, and all of that is necessary, no doubt. But now, more than ever, I feel an opportunity and a responsibility to go further.

If you are reading this on the site, you’ll see a new mission for Fiscal Fizzle in the header. It’s simple but it captures what’s I’ll be after in 2013: Experiments in money.

More of the latest, cutting-edge technology. More blogging about perspectives and paradigms. More about new things I’ve tried that worked or failed.

All of these have been my most popular and most enjoyable posts to date.

Welcome to a new & improved blog! I hope you’re sticking around for the fun part.

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One thought on “Trying Something New

  1. Wojo, I like the new tagline and will be looking forward to seeing what experiments and results you have in store for us!

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