Around the Web – September

Whew! What a September it’s shaping up to be. So far, we’ve had a few birthdays to celebrate, distant relatives in town to entertain, a wedding in the family with over 140 guests, and two family members moving into new homes.

Today is my four-year wedding anniversary. To stay sane, we’ve decided to celebrate this weekend when everyone’s had a bit of breathing room.

Of course, we’re also entering the infamous “fourth quarter” at our house–the next three months will see countless anniversaries, more than 10 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Agghh! It’s good to be mentally and financially prepared.

In any case, I haven’t done a link post in quite some time. I wanted to catch you up on some of the things I’ve been reading lately and other news of note.

  1. I enjoyed reading the Twitter updates from all the activities at #FINCON12. This year’s Financial Blogger’s Conference took place in the wonderful city of Denver (which I greatly enjoyed the last time I went), but both my financial goals and my calendar stopped me from going this year. I’m looking forward to better arrangements for #FINCON13.
  2. J.D. Roth is best known for his popular blog Get Rich Slowly, which paved the way for personal finance blogging around the world. In a slightly different take, J.D. takes a look at his personal transformation and outlines three important keys to life change (video).
  3. I’m intrigued by Financial Samurai’s launch of his first product: How to Engineer Your Layoff. Sam’s personal story and the concept behind the book are both interesting and worth taking a look into.
  4. I recently started to dabble in web design on a “professional basis” (meaning actually getting paid for it, not necessarily the quality of work). I was intrigued by this article from Freelance Switch which outlines how one could make $5,000 from part-time web design every month.
  5. On the suggestion of Chris Guillebeau, I began to read The Economist on a weekly basis. You can catch five articles for free on their website every week.
  6. You may have heard about QE3–another effort by the Fed to stimulate the economy, which will result in (among other things) continued low interest rates. Miranda breaks down the effects of QE3 at Cash Money Life.
  7. Bonus: I wanted to point out Free Money Finance’s new resource for cash back credit cards.

What have you read lately?