140 Words on Leaving Twitter

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (and there are over 2,700 of you) may have noticed that things went quiet a few weeks ago.

The fact is that I haven’t felt engaged with Twitter in well over a year, tweeting out links sporadically, and hitting a few replies here and there. My stream is high-pace and high-maintenance and I was getting in over my head.

This week, I’ve decided that my involvement with Twitter will stop for the time being.

With the extra time, I’m working to further my Facebook involvement, including sharing high-quality links to other sites and interacting with more readers on that platform.

I suggest you “like” my page if you’d like to stay in the loop. Because of the similarities with Google+, you may also see me more involved on that platform in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “140 Words on Leaving Twitter

  1. Yeah, twitter can be quite time consuming and facebook’s reach is definitely larger. Just gave you a like from our ReadyForZero page (facebook.com/readyforzero)..feel free to return the favor and I hope to share some great articles by you in the future 😉

    I did try to look for Fiscal Fizzle on Google+ as well but had some trouble finding it, mind sending your link so I can add you to the ReadyForZero circles?

    1. Thanks for adding me! I’m not active on Google + at the moment, but I will add a link when I am.

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