Worth Reading in February

Here are 9 things that caught my attention over the last few weeks. They are all worth reading:

  1. Short and sweet. Kind of like this post on minimalism and money over at Budgets are Sexy.
  2. Free Money Finance kicked off March Money Madness this week with the first round of competing posts. The rules are simple: pick the post you like best from every head-to-head match up.
  3. Self-employment might seem like a risky proposition, but Kevin thinks it’s more secure than a full-time job. (Out of Your Rut)
  4. Baker at Man vs. Debt is continuing awesomeness with a still-relatively-new podcast, now in its 4th episode. Every week brings news stories and doable how-to’s.
  5. You may have missed some big news from A-list blogger J.D. Roth. He’s decided to get a divorce, and revealed details about the sale of his blog several years ago.
  6. Len Penzo offered us 10 rules of thumb you probably shouldn’t follow.
  7. The Simple Dollar’s Trent reflects on the age-old question: what happens after debt freedom? What do we do once everything is paid off?
  8. Just yesterday, a new nuclear power plant to be built in Georgia won federal approval, the first time that has happened in three decades. How do you feel about it?
  9. If you’re a financial blogger or want to meet one, don’t forget that registration is now open for FINCON12, coming to Denver this September. Sadly, I have a conflict, but I hope to make it out there next year!

I hope you enjoy those! By the way, what are you getting for your Valentine (if you have one, of course)? A lot of people are still “going frugal” this year–are you?