Write Your Own Amazing Story

I sometimes wonder if I have what it takes to be an engaging personal finance blogger. In many respects, I’m just a “regular guy” with a dream:

If we had met these people when they were starting out, we could have written them off for being crazy. And yet every one of these stories now inspires us, and stands as an example of what someone can achieve when they go for it. How is that possible?

I think it’s nothing more than fear. We admire the ability of these folks to overcome their fear of failure and secretly wish we could do the same. There’s also a fear of what we could accomplish with the talents we already have!

Letting Go of Crazy

You already understand that it takes hard work and dedication to reach your dreams. Given enough incentive (the right goal in mind), that’s not the problem. The problem is trying to let go of the notion that just because something is out of the ordinary, it’s not achievable or even advisable.

But as you can see, success is defined by crazy people, people with a dream they weren’t afraid to pursue. Learn about some of the most successful companies today, and you’ll see that it’s true.

Most of us already know what to do to achieve our wildest dreams–we simply believe that there is some factor, whether it’s time, money, circumstances, or effort, that’s simply insurmountable. But these are nothing more than exaggerated assumptions about the future.

Defining Your Own Dream

Not everyone wants to travel the world or be a millionaire. Then again, many do and think they cannot. 

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is what you want, but defined in a spirit of complete honesty with yourself. If you understand your dream, the one thing in your heart that has always nagged you, but that maybe you’ve dismissed until today, then you’ve taken the first step.

Be crazy.

4 thoughts on “Write Your Own Amazing Story

  1. My crazy is bit more subdued. I think this is mostly because I’m getting such a late start after 2 graduate degrees. I spent my ‘crazy’ 20’s in class or doing research. Now that I’m out I have a family to support. My crazy plan is to buy an investment property at some point and to start a business (while still maintaining my day job). I’m happy with this level of risk. I think each person needs to define that for themselves.

    1. @sunkcosts — Trust me, building a real estate portfolio and starting a business is DEFINITELY crazy! I’m starting to do the same thing myself, and in many ways it’s a much larger challenge than traveling to 27 countries.

      Any idiot can buy an airline ticket and fly to Egypt, or catch a bus across Burma. It takes a lot of strategic thinking to successfully build a brand, a business and a real estate portfolio. Plus, you’re dealing with much bigger numbers — bigger dollars — when you’re taking business risks.

      I think your level of risk … your level of “crazy” … is much higher than mine was when I decided to traipse around the world for a few years. 🙂

  2. We all have dreams and wishes! You need to turn it into a goal and m=create a plan to achieve it. I did and I live a life with a lot of choices. Turn your dream into reality!

  3. As someone who has been married for almost 40 years it is sometimes difficult to give myself permission to pursue a goal that is not entirely mutual. I’ve had a lot of talks with myself about this one! As half of a couple I have a desire and yes, a duty, to consider the needs of the other guy. As an individual, I realize that my dreams and goals are important as well.

    But you are correct, we are our own worst enemy when we decide something is impossible.

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