Are You Declaring Independence?

July 4th is about so much more than grilling and fireworks, but like most other holidays, the meaning tends to get lost in all the hype, glory, celebration, and desire to get away from it all.

When I think of America’s independence, things that come to mind are bravery, overcoming pain, freedom from oppression, common purpose, choosing one’s own path, taking a stand, defining your goals, fighting for a cause, love of country, honor, and integrity.

Do you feel like your finances need the same kind of independence?

Does it feel like someone else is steering your financial ship, and you’re just reacting to the blows as they come? As if some external entity is responsible for your woes and your choices?

The colonists experienced deep pain—financial, physical, social, and emotional, before they were able to rise above it and say “enough,” and define their own future. Our financial pain can be equally damaging, though it’s often internal. The wars we’ll fight will be with our own expectations, habits, dreams, and past choices. Strategic planning and troop deployments will occur around the dinner table.

The important thing is starting today:

  • Find the courage to talk about money with your spouse.
  • Put the pain of past decisions behind you and pave a new way forward.
  • Break free from the chains of debt.
  • Forgive and forget past transgressions by others.
  • Find your family’s financial purpose, and vow to plow your way towards it.
  • Love and respect yourself, the choices you make, and the things you say “yes” and “no” to.

There’s no better time. Declare your independence and make a stand.

If you’re feeling patriotic, I’ve penned a post at Lending Tree about the reasons I’m glad I’m an American. Happy July 4th!

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