If You Can Stand, You Can Win

There is a lesson I learned while playing tennis…

As long as you can stand, you can win the game.

It doesn’t matter if your opponent is one point away from taking the title, or maybe has had the opportunity 5 or 6 times. It doesn’t matter if the momentum is in their favor. It doesn’t matter if they’ve won 85% of the points in the match.

I’ve seen it time and time again, and so has anyone else who watches tennis.

One point can change the match.

You can swing momentum in your favor. You can use pounce while your opponent relaxes. You can battle back from match point, win the game, win the set, and eventually win the match. You can act while they figure out what hit them.

It takes effort and courage and time to do it, but isn’t it worth it? If you want something bad enough, won’t you fight for it?

Next time you:

  • don’t have money
  • can’t pay the rent
  • lose your job
  • get divorced
  • get sued
  • are in an accident
  • file for bankruptcy
  • feel like it’s all over

…tell yourself—I’m still standing.

4 thoughts on “If You Can Stand, You Can Win

  1. You are so right about the analogy. I played tennis in high school, and one year we were in the team regionals, and were down 3-2 in the finals of the region. There were two matches still being played -mine and one other one. The other one ended with a win for our team, meaning it was tied at 3.

    My match ended up going into a tiebreak, and both of us in the match were extremely tired and cramping. I was having a hard time standing at certain points -but i was still standing. I ended up winning the match, and sending us to the state tournament mainly because I was able to out-last my opponent and remain standing til the end.

    Life is often the same way, it’ll throw you curves, and things won’t go exactly as planned, but as long as you keep plugging away and keep your head high, you’ll make it through.

    1. You’re right on–tennis matches can turn into marathons, and you just never know how well or how long it will go. You just have to be prepared for anything…

  2. Participation or attempting to succeed is 95% of the solution! Too many people give up at the slightest resistance or hurdle. Persistence and determination will triumph every time.

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