Track Your Gas Mileage With Fuelly

Gas prices are starting to rise again, and many people are interested in how their cars are performing on the road. Surprisingly, while most of us know how many miles per gallon we should be getting, very few of us take the time to verify the information and keep track of it regularly.

Enter Fuelly.

Fuelly is a free, simple, and easy-to-use tool that operates based on the principle that calculating your MPG is possible from data you get during a fill-up. Most of you who have tried to keep track of your mileage manually have done this before, but Fuelly just made it easier. The idea is simple:

  • Fill up your car (I go until the pump “clicks” off) and make a note of your car’s mileage (number of miles on the odometer, not to be confused with MPG).
  • Drive your car until you have to fill up again (doesn’t matter how long).
  • Fill up your car again (to the same point—again, for me it’s the first click).
  • Note your car’s mileage again, and divide by the number of gallons that just went in. This is your miles per gallon number!
  • Marvel at how well or how horribly you drive, based on the results.

Instead of doing the math in your head, Fuelly allows you to just input the data and it does all the hard work for you:


It even keeps historical records so you can see longer-term trends you might otherwise miss.:


It also lists a breakdown of all past fill-ups and even compares your performance to what should expect from your car based on EPA estimates:


Check out Fuelly today and see if this simple tool might be something that could help you manage your gas consumption just a little bit better.

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4 thoughts on “Track Your Gas Mileage With Fuelly

  1. Awesome! I use to have a system on excel but ended up giving up on it because it was too much of a hassle go through with. I’ll be checking out fuelly and will hopefully stick with it. Let’s see how my Yaris really does with gas mileage.

    -Ravi Gupta

  2. I guess we should monitor our driving like we do our budgets. Gas is just too pricey today.

  3. Interesting apps. I’ll definitely try Fuelly – with the continuous increase of price of gas – I should really keep a track of my gas consumption. Thanks for sharing!

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