Fiscal Fizzle Reader Survey Results

Over the past three weeks, I’ve asked many of you via Facebook, Twitter and this site to participate in a short survey to help me shape the future of Fiscal Fizzle.

Some of the results were predictable, and some were entirely surprising—in other words, I’m very glad I went through the process.

This post is an insight into those results.

Post Topics

The survey was purposely kept very short, so I simply asked you to select up to 10 of your favorite posts or topics you’ve seen on Fiscal Fizzle as a gauge of what content was working.

The things that scored the highest included:

  • Saving money (more than 70% of you liked this)
  • Personal observations related to money (65%—a close second)
  • Money goals (at 58%)
  • Frugality, budgeting and looking at money issues from new perspectives, all around 50%
  • Rounding out the top–the psychology of money, linking to other articles, the emotions of money, career-related posts, and personal finance basics, all in the 40-50% range

The things that had the lowest interest were:

  • Tools I create (only 1 person voted for this—okay, I get it lol)
  • Tax tips, book reviews, recession issues, expert advice & baby expenses
  • With about 15-20% of the vote, issues related to debt and credit cards, eating out, ask-the-reader posts, guest posts, and health insurance.
  • Rounding out the bottom were social issues, car expenses, couponing, how-to posts, retirement and charities.

I think the negative results were much more interesting than the things you liked. For example, baby expenses scored very low, indicating interest in my baby expense reports is minimal. I had already decided not to do any more book reviews, so it was good to see you agreed.

Recession and debt topics both scored low, which was surprising. I either have a very well-to-do audience or you’ve already figured these things out before arriving here. Guest posts also placed poorly, which means I need to do a better job at getting quality content or eliminate guest posting entirely.

Second Blog

One of the other reasons I ran the survey was to find out if there was interest in the Fizzle community for a second blog dedicated to parenting & money. A negative response won’t necessarily stop me from starting the blog—I just wanted to gauge the initial interest.

As expected, only about 20% of you read my blog solely for my tips on parenting, saving money on babies, etc.

When asked how you’d feel about that content going away, most of you were indifferent, a few of you said it would clean up the blog, and about 1/3 of you would actually miss it.

Finally, when asked what you’d do if I started a second parenting-only blog, about 1/3 of you would subscribe to both blogs, and 2/3 of you would stay on Fiscal Fizzle.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a downside to this move. Those of you who are interested in the baby content would find my new blog much more focused and attentive to your interests. Those of you who don’t care about kids would either not mind either way, or would react positively.

More on what I’m going to do with this information soon…


Finally—as part of the survey, I offered to give away a $25 gift card to a lucky reader for participating. I used to select a name from the emails you guys left me, and I’ve contacted the winner via email (unfortunately, I haven’t heard back yet, so no announcement).

Are these survey results in line with what you’ve come to like about this site? Share your thoughts.