Toddler Expense Report: Month 14

Continuing my monthly series on baby expenses, today we’re looking at our spending on our son during the last 30 days. Here’s how things shake down:

  • Health care. $150, spent on my son’s insurance premium (unchanged from last month), as well as a humidifier for his room to help out with occasional sicknesses and the drier months.
  • Diapers and Wipes. $37, on a large box of diapers at my local warehouse club.
  • Food. $26, directly attributable to my son’s food which includes milk products, fruits, and other items.
  • Toys and Books. $25, spent at the warehouse club on a couple of sets of good-night and car-time books.
  • No spending this month on: Clothes, Other/Misc.

Total spending this month was $238, which is slightly higher than some of the previous monthly averages ($195).

Here are a couple of observations about the latest stats:

  • The food budget continues to climb as our son begins to take on directly trackable costs for his own foods.
  • We continue to be well-stocked on clothes for current and future sizes, so that’s limiting our out-of-pocket expenses in that category.
  • Health care seems to be the biggest swinger in our expenses, depending largely on unforeseen conditions like whether our son get sick.

What do you think about our latest numbers?

Photo by M.ADA