There’s Good, Awesome…Then There’s Love Drop

When I first heard about what J$ (Budgets are Sexy) and Nate St. Pierre (ItStartsWithUs) were up to with their newest project, I thought “Wow…cool. The idea has promise, it might take a while to get going, and I hope they eventually make it work.”

Boy, was I in for a surprise. The boys are Love Drop just wrapped up their first “drop,” which was a wild success:

J$ and Nate St. Pierre put a Love Drop on Jill.

Can’t see the video? You can come directly to my site or see it on YouTube. Jill and her kids lost everything in a recent fire. Love Drop came through with $2,500 in cash, and tons of gifts including a 4-pack of tickets to a Chicago Bulls game. Big props to Kona Grill for helping them out with the whole process as well.

Now if that didn’t make you tear up a little bit, take a look at what they have planned for February:

Ethan & Alex—February’s Love Drop family

(Same deal, watch this one on YouTube if you can’t see it above).

Yeah, I’m totally in love with this concept. What the guys at Love Drop are doing is brilliant—selecting one family every month that, for one reason or another, is down on their luck, and making their lives a little easier.

It doesn’t take much, guys—just $1 a month gets things happening. With over 500+ current members contributing to the project, J and Nate have things hopping, but they still need your help.

$13,000 will get Ethan & Alex a new dog and make their lives a bit more functional. This isn’t adopting a child. It’s not Kiva. It’s not even DonorsChoose. You have the ability to impact one family, one person (okay, in this case—two), and watch that impact happen almost immediately.

If that’s not satisfying, I don’t know what is. Head over to Love Drop today and help out, won’t you? This is worth it.

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