Toddler Expense Report: Month 13

While my baby will always be a “baby,” I’ve decided to roll with the times and name this year’s posts more appropriately with my son’s “upgrade” to toddlerhood.

Not much else has changed this month. You know the drill; here are the expenses for the month:

Type of Expense This Month Average
Health & Wellness $102 $108
Diapers and Wipes $47 $43
Toys and Books $15 $12
Food & Supplies $30 $16
Other/Misc. $12 $16
TOTAL: $206 $195

There are a few things I should point out about this month:

  • Nearly every category is in line with monthly averages, which is anything but average. But I credit this to our purchasing habits, since we understand roughly how much we want or need to spend in each area per month.
  • Food & feeding supplies continue to be above-average. Like I mentioned last month, as our little one transitions from “free” breast milk to real food, this cost will continue to climb. Did I mention he eats like a vacuum?

The month as a whole was surprisingly uneventful, so I don’t have much more to report. Instead, I have a question for you guys—what else would you like to see in these monthly reports that would be helpful for your own financial situation? It can be baby-related or something else altogether. Let me know in the comments or send me an email! I love getting good feedback from you.

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4 thoughts on “Toddler Expense Report: Month 13

  1. I would suggest a “baby slush fund”. Your toys and books are low at the moment, but will soar when he figures out how to operate the remote. Hello Wii. My 5 year is an expert with electronics. Also, you don’t list clothes. Again, this doesn’t surprise me as we were swamped for the first year, maybe two depending on growth spurts. This will climb as well. Even if it’s $5 a month, this will help offset the big bumps later for your son. FYI, I have three children 5-12 year old.

    1. Thanks for the tips Kim! I definitely expect both toys and clothes to rise. Right now, the majority of those items are gifts from friends and family. We’re pretty well stocked up with clothes through 24 months, but nothing after that. I like your suggestion of the slush fund–I think I’ll take you up on that!

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