Wow! I Am Completely Blown Away (+Joyce House Update)

There are lots of humbling moments in life. “A-ha” moments when a lot of hard work pays off. Moments of incredible gratitude for what just seemingly landed in your lap.

Take a look at this graph:

Do you see that long, spike-like object at the far right of the screen? That’s yesterday’s traffic to this site. 95% of which arrived from one Google keyword: Joyce House.

When I started my coupon experiment on Monday, I knew there was a lot of interest in what she was doing. Yesterday, Joyce went on Ellen (follow the link to watch the video), and shared some amazing deals she recently got at the supermarket, even getting an entire wall of personal care stuff for–get this–FREE.

People immediately began to flood this site by the boat-full.

So What’s Next?

Okay, I get it. There are literally thousands of you out there who want to save money on the things you need the most–groceries, housewares, etc. Some of you are doing it to cut back, some of you need to do it to survive.

If there was any question about how much this information was really needed, or if I needed any kind of motivation to get started on the coupon experiment, I’ve got both problems solved. I’m eager to help you guys out.

By the way, I found another Joyce House video on YouTube last night that had not only some good tips, but also something many of you have been looking forward to: Joyce House’s website! The Coupon Diva is also on Facebook. See the whole interview below:

Since You’re Here…

For those of you who came to the site yesterday, looking for information, inspiration, or whatever…thank you! Since you’re reading this, I’m glad you decided to stick around. We’ve got great things coming here.

If you have a few minutes to dig through my archives, here are a number of other posts that I’ve done in the past specifically about saving money:

I’m glad you’re here! Let’s make 2011 memorable together.

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  1. I watched the Ellen show yesterday and I did exactly what you posted. I love your blog! Very informative and funny!

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