Good Riddance, 2010: Our Goals for 2011

Happy New Year, gang.

I’m running 2011-themed posts all week to take advantage of this reflective time of year.

I was on the fence for a long time about writing this post, because I didn’t want these ideas to seem like “resolutions” that would quickly be forgotten and not seen again until December.

But I realized that while I make awesome observations and conclusions and set appropriate goals this time of year, things tend to collapse because I don’t write them down and don’t make them actionable.

To shake things up this year, I’m making many of our family goals public. Here’s what we’re after in 2011:

Financial Goals

Because this is a personal finance blog, after all…

  1. Earn 15% of our income from side projects. While I’ve talked about income diversity in the past, I haven’t practiced it to the extent I should. This year, I will be taking a serious look at monetizing my online projects.
  2. Recover from the recession. Things are getting better. I felt it all year long, and I’m finally starting to see the real data supporting it. Financially, this means getting our savings accounts replenished, re-inflating our income streams, and putting a renewed focus on the future. We already have very specific benchmarks in place to gauge our progress along the way.

Blog Goals

Thinking specifically about Fiscal Fizzle, here’s what I like to see by December 31st:

  1. 2,500 regular subscribers. This is an ambitious goal considering the rate of my growth in the last 2 years, but I’m going to focus on getting the word out about my little corner of the Web and hope people stick around.
  2. Average 3 new posts per week. That means over 150 new posts by the end of the year, while I hope to use some of my other time to create paid content and guest posts!
  3. At least 2 premium products. I’ve polled the community on the eBooks you’d like to read, and “see” the final product, but it’s tough to take those first steps.
  4. New & exciting topics. I want to start touching on topics I haven’t covered much before including basic investing, online income, and others. Maybe we’ll even bring video back.
  5. A design facelift. Site design took a back seat in 2010 while I enjoyed my blog sabbatical and focused on content. I have a long-overdue list of branding and user experience improvements.
  6. All while keeping a life… Blogging cannot take over my life…Blogging cannot take over my life. I hereby promise to stop checking my email, get off Twitter, do some damn writing, and get back to all of my other responsibilities. 🙂

Personal Goals

If you care to know such things…

  1. Lose another 20 pounds. I know, I know–most people set weight goals for the new year they’ll never reach. But I already have 15 pounds “behind me,” so this is actually just a continuation of 3 months of hard work that I hope to complete by mid-year.
  2. Get more into music. Specifically, I’d like to learn at least 3-4 piano pieces (maybe even record a tune or two like Financial Samurai). Must is a long-overdue secret passion of mine that I hope to bring to the forefront this year.

Keeping Myself Accountable

I might check in a few times during the year to let you know how things are going on specific goals, but I’ll definitely do a final round-up at the end of the year to compare my progress to what I’ve laid out. That’s all the motivation I’m going to need! 😉

Care to Share?

Have you made big resolutions for 2011? Do you want to share them with us? Scroll down to the comments and sound off!

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8 thoughts on “Good Riddance, 2010: Our Goals for 2011

  1. I made some new year’s resolutions too, including to continue diversifying my income, lose 20 pounds, get out of credit card debt, and a bunch more. I’m hoping to stay accountable also, but I’m definitely going to need some help (or a lot of reminder post-its)

  2. The thing you do so well Wojo is moderation. Knowing what you can and can’t accomplish (or what’s realistic) is extremely key in life. The fact that you’ve said “I’m only posting X times per week” and made that part of your offering improves what you do — not takes away from it.

    The best goals are the specific, realistic ones. Good luck in 2011!

  3. Just subscribe to help you meet one of your goals. I love checking in, so now we can keep in touch better.

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