11 Ideas for Weight Loss on a Budget

Have you ever thought about losing some weight, but quickly gave up when all the possible expenses came to mind? I definitely have!

There are gym costs, food costs, weight loss classes, weight equipment, new shoes, new racquets, Wii and Wii Fit—should I go on?

Like anything else, weight loss can be as expensive as we make it. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 11 ideas for losing weight when money is an issue:

  1. Eat less, but better. One of the pillars of weight loss is eating less. It’s no surprise that your grocery bills are slashed! You can even try going veggie or buying better quality food.
  2. Prepare your own food. Eating out is not only expensive, but filled with fattening ingredients served in jumbo-sized portions.
  3. Replace paid drinks with water. The evil trinity for me are coffee, sodas, and alcohol. One more expensive than the next, they can all be replaced with nature’s purest gift.
  4. Bodyweight exercises. Using your own weight to strengthen muscles in your body is an age-old practice. Many of these workouts can be done indoors or out!
  5. Dancing. My wife’s favorite physical activity, dancing can be a lot of fun and a great cardio workout.
  6. Running or walking. You might have to spring for better shoes if you get serious about running, but otherwise these simplest of exercises will get your cardio, focus, and strength in gear.
  7. Use what you have at home. Maybe you’ve got an old basketball laying around the garage, or a chair that’s perfect for squat exercises. Point is—use what you already have to the best of your ability.
  8. Buy inexpensive home equipment. It’s not necessary to buy $1,000 machines to get a good workout. A solid exercise ball and some free weights can easily run under $100.
  9. Get your game on. If you already have the means (e.g. Wii or computer), programs like Wii Fit, Yourself Fitness, or EA Sports Active can be great supplements to your workout routine.
  10. Use local parks and other free facilities for variety. Most urban areas have at least some free parks, trails, or tracks in your neighborhood. Take advantage!
  11. Make tiny changes. Take the stairs whenever possible. Walk for 5 minutes every hour. Change where you park. These seem like tiny choices, but the cumulative effects can be staggering. Just like saving money. Smile

Never let the fear of expenses stop you from going after a goal. More often than not, your frame of reference isn’t letting you see that cheap alternatives exist. Make it your challenge to find them!

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5 thoughts on “11 Ideas for Weight Loss on a Budget

  1. GREAT tips! I would add social media to the list as well. Get involved online and you automatically become accountable. It’s inspiring to have people following along on your journey and that can keep you going. Be a part of an online community and it’ll help you lose the weight. Best of all… it’s free! 🙂

    1. Awesome suggestion, Scott! One of my early strategies was to start an anonymous Twitter account chronicling my weight loss. It was definitely a good help at keeping me honest, since I had to own up to any indiscretions! 🙂

  2. Couldn’t agree more with your tips. Its great that you can get yourself on the road to gettting in shape for very little initial outlay. People think they have to get a gym membership, a personal trainer, a full wardrobe of gear to wear etc etc but its really so much simpler than that. Our recent blog post where we list a few tips that will assist you in your home workout. I would appreciate your feedback as we are not experts ourselves, we just know what has worked well for us in the past. Thank you!

    1. Great link, thanks for sharing! I see we’re thinking along the same lines. 🙂 There’s definitely plenty to do around the house to lose weight if you’re creative enough.

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