The Grocery Sale Challenge

The other day, I was checking out of my local Publix supermarket, and noticed that, except for one item (out of about 25), I managed to get everything on sale. How cool is that?

According to the receipt, I saved $40 off the regular price (over half the value of the whole purchase).

The way I shop is to regularly go after the BOGO deals and stuff on sale, but this was the first time I’ve been able to fill the receipt. It felt good. It was true savings, things I would use over the next week, not just things to fill the cart because they happened to be on sale.

So I thought to myself—what if I challenged myself, and all of you, to a little grocery game? What if we could get at least 10 things we knew we could use and have everything be on sale?

Could you do it? I’m going to try later this week and let you know in the comments—and be sure to share your own results!

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8 thoughts on “The Grocery Sale Challenge

  1. We make a weekly shopping trip to CVS to buy a lot of items that are kind of expensive at grocery stores. We manage to pick up everything on sale and usually with a coupon as well. This week wasn’t great, but I’ll link to it using commentluv, and you can see the previous weeks at the end.

    This is such a great feeling!

  2. CVS is SO awesome! Be sure you get an Extra Care card, and you’ll get all sorts of deals and discounts there. According to my last receipt, I’ve saved more than $700 at CVS this calendar year. On many items, they give you “extra bucks,” which essentially act like instant rebates. Say you pay $2.99 for toothpaste. You shell out the $2.99 when you buy it, but when your receipt prints, you get $2 in extra bucks. That brings the actual cost for the toothpaste down to $.99, and you’ve got $2 to spend on something else the next time you shop at CVS. You can also use manufacturer coupons, so if you happened to have a $.50 or $1.00 off coupon for the toothpaste, you’d get it free or nearly free. Do this over and over–with or without mfr coupons–and you can save some serious cash there. There have been many times when I use a stockpile of extra bucks to buy grocery items or dog food or personal care things when the coffers are running low. Extra bucks do expire, but you generally have about 3 weeks to use them. Sometimes I pay NOTHING out-of-pocket because I have the EB to cover the whole bill. You can also scan your Extra Care card at their price scanner once a day and it prints out additional coupons and, sometimes, extra bucks. I got NINE coupons for various items yesterday, like $5 off any Halloween item, $7 off a purchase of $15 in Revlon cosmetics, $2 off candy, etc. If you like to save money, you seriously need to start vising your CVS store!! Good luck!

    1. Do you work for CVS? Just kidding. No, but really… 😉

      Actually, funny story–I did work for CVS for about 3 months one summer as a cashier, so I’m familiar with the Extra Care cards, but didn’t realize they were THAT profitable! I’ll have to take a closer look next time I’m at a CVS.

      1. Ha! No, I don’t work for them, but I do love them. I could do commercials for them, at least! LOL

        But with two teenaged daughters, we go through tons of shampoo, soap, lotion and cosmetics, so anywhere I can save $$ on that stuff, it’s well worth the effort.

        Great job, @ Khaleef!! We could be shopping buddies!

    2. Hahaha – You sound about excited as me when it comes to CVS! I love it! I love when the ECBs and coupons allow me to make money on an item, then I can just stock up on other stuff that I would normally buy at the supermarket for free!

      Oh, don’t forget to use that Revlon coupon this week – nail polish is $3.99 with 3 ECBs, and a limit of 6! So buy 5, and use that coupon to make it a money maker – but I’m sure you already planned that out!

      Hey Wojo, see what you started here? 😉

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