Test it in Your Money Lab

Ever wonder if a new and innovative money system would work in your situation?

When it comes to money, you can pretty much test to your heart’s content. It takes a bit more work (you have to keep your existing system active), but it lets you evaluate and explore.

I call this my “money lab.” Because I blog, it’s open 24/7 as I search for the best and newest things, but you should take advantage of it, too.

It’s how I knew it was time to switch away from Quicken to an envelope budgeting approach. Or why I decided Craigslist would be the best place to sell my car.

There are many money systems out there because there are hundreds, if not millions, of individual “money brains”–your optimal approach to finances.

You can rely on reviews, but sooner or later you should test at least a few systems to find the most comfortable. They can range from the simplicity of a three-column spreadsheet to the complexity of QuickBooks, but sooner or later you are bound to find the right fit.

Don’t mess with things too much, but keep the lab light on for opportunities.

Photo by Amy Loves Yah

One thought on “Test it in Your Money Lab

  1. Too true. It’s important to remember that every individual situation is different. Certain tools and tips will work better for certain people. You have to choose the system that fits your life.

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