Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Money

If an elevator pitch makes sense for your blog or business, why not for your money?

An elevator pitch is something typically taught to entrepreneur-types for the benefit of having others understand what they do.

Could you simplify your financial goals and values to three or four sentences? It takes a great deal of focus to boil down your ideas; but the results are a rich, thick stew.

Some would call this writing a money mission, but to me it’s a step beyond. It’s the essence of your mission. It is the idea of what your money can be in a single, nutrient-packed seed.

Would you take the opportunity to review it daily? How about before every purchase? It could become your regular money mantra (Singletary’s book–affiliate link).

My best advice for writing an elevator pitch? Start with a runny soup, a list of goals or a mission, and find governing ideas and redundancy. Boil it down for days (or weeks) until you feel like you can’t anymore, then push it further.

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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