Blogging Sabbatical Update: Month 1

First and foremost, thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve shown as I take some time off from blogging. So far, it’s been a very refreshing experience.

As much as I’m itching to get back to writing as soon as possible, I’m determined to see my original plan through and give this experiment the full three months it deserves. There are still plenty of things I haven’t gotten to that were part of my original list of goals.

Many of you have emailed and tweeted with questions, so I’ve decided to quickly run through some of the FAQs I’ve received on the blog, for the benefit of everyone:

1. Will you continue to publish your monthly baby expense reports?

Absolutely, just not during the off-period. I’m still keeping track of all our baby expenses and expect to publish a three-month update when I return.

2. What is the best thing you’ve done so far on the sabbatical?

I’ve focused primarily on health-related goals in the first month. That’s translated to about 10 pounds of weight loss, a much better diet (and more eating at home!), and a few other things.

3. Are you looking to sell your blog?

The short answer is no. While the opportunity to make a quick buck is appealing, I’d like to preserve the blog as a platform for my own writing.

4. Have you found you have more time on a daily basis for other things?

Actually, it doesn’t feel like I do. Writing, in itself, did not take up that much time for me. It was the constant struggle to come up with new ideas and the pressure to put out writing that got to me. But I’m fixing both problems for my return.

5. Do you realistically plan to come back after three months?

Yeah, do you doubt me? 🙂 I’ll make that decision a few weeks before the time comes, but as I outlined originally, the sabbatical may be extended if I feel like I need more time.

6. Any thoughts on how your approach to Fiscal Fizzle will change, if at all?

Yes, the approach will definitely change. I’m going to be much more focused on content and less focused on time-sucking activities, as beneficial as they may be to my success (i.e. Twitter, marketing, etc.).

It’s fun to get a wide perspective on things that only stepping back gives. I’m getting lots of great ideas already that I can’t wait to share with you.

See you in a few months!

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Sabbatical Update: Month 1

  1. Yay, can’t wait =) Congrats on the 10lb weight loss! Losing weight is hard to do =(

    Totally agree that twitter etc. are complete time suckers. It’s like the time gets zapped into a black hole abyss that is never to be retreived again.

    That being said, posting takes a long time too!

    It takes me like 2 hours to write up a post usually. =(

  2. I’m keeping the light on for ya, Wojo!

    Continue to enjoy your time off. Blogging really is a time consuming activity and, if I’m not careful, I often find myself doing it to the detriment of other things.

    Right now I am on a two week break myself and I am really enjoying the time off!


    Len Penzo dot Com

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