Best of Money Carnival: Your Top 10 of Personal Finance

The Best of Money Carnival, established by Free Money Finance, showcases the 10 best posts from the personal finance space each week. I’m proud to be hosting this week!

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been busy with huge work deadlines, sick as a dog, had the site hacked, and managing a move to a new apartment.

But through all the drama, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. These are ten really sharp, well-written posts that will rock your socks. Enjoy:

  1. The Winner: Airstream Saga Continues: Jan and I Second Guess Our Decision (by Joe Plemon at Personal Finance by the Book): Joe evaluates a purchase that didn’t go quite as planned, including things his family did right and wrong.
  2. Wisdom of Yoda: Personal Finance Lessons (by Jason Price at Christian PF): Look at the wisdom of Yoda, Jason does. Lots of lessons, learn we can. 😉
  3. 10 Creative Ways Recycling Can Save You Money in a Tough Economy (posted by Carly Schuna at the Budget Life Blog): There are lots of alternatives to tossing out old stuff, and Carly cleverly shares ten of them with us.
  4. Early Retirement: The Extreme Method (by Jacob, posted at Monevator): Jacob shares part of this story about becoming financially independent at 30. Care to read more?
  5. Should You Live On a Cash Budget? (by Laura Adams at Dinks Finance): Laura points out four great reasons why cash may not be the best idea for you. I love cash diets, but I tend to agree with Laura for a long-term approach.
  6. Should I Use the Energy Tax Credit for a New Central Air Unit? (posted at Darwin’s Finance): This is a great example of analyzing a major purchase when time-sensitive incentives are floating out there. Easily applied to many other situations.
  7. Financial Goals: Can You Have Too Many at Once? (by J. Money at Budgets are Sexy): J answers a reader question about financial goals, and shares a few of his in the process.
  8. A Letter to Mom and Dad (by the Lean Life Coach at Eliminate the Muda): What would a letter to your parents about money look like? Here’s one example.
  9. Paying for Movers: Is it Worth It? (posted at the Writer’s Coin): Sometimes, it’s worth paying money for things that just plain suck.
  10. Renters Can Save Cash Too (by Pam Marino at All Things Frugal): Pam explores some of the strategies for saving money while renting.

I hope you get a chance to read all 10! Thanks for FMF for the opportunity to host this week.

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12 thoughts on “Best of Money Carnival: Your Top 10 of Personal Finance

  1. Thanks for putting this great Carnival together, in spite of all the turmoil in your life these past two weeks. I appreciate included…and Number one pick is a real honor!

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  3. Thanks for including Jacob’s guest post. It was an honour to run it — one of those rare articles that really makes you think.

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