March Links Roundup: Yakezie Challenge Edition

It’s a pretty good month when you headline Wise Bread’s links twice (#1 and #2), and make it to The Simple Dollar’s roundup. Closer to home, I finally got around to creating Fizzle’s Best-Of page. So while life at home and at work feels like a whirlwind, I have a lot of positive news to fall back on. ­čÖé

Personally, I have been dealing with a ton of financial changes: mainly buying a new car (which I’m highlighting in my ongoing series), and more recently–getting new health insurance. Both are much more complex transactions than they would appear to be on the surface.

This month’s link round-up features a group of bloggers known as the Yakezie. Created by Financial Samurai, the Yakezie group is trying to increase their Alexa ranking and break into Wise Bread’s Top 100 blog list.

Since joining the challenge in late January, Fiscal Fizzle’s Alexa ranking has skyrocketed from 349,079 to 117,994 (smaller is better). It just goes to show you the power of blogging collaboration when everyone’s focused on the same goal! You can see all the rankings this week at Credit Card Chaser’s Yakezie statistics page.

In order to “give back” this month to this great group of friends, the entire roundup features Yakezie bloggers, grouped by their respective Alexa ranking “goals.” These are the most interesting recent posts on these blogs! Enjoy:

50,000 Group

These are blogs that have already achieved, or are trying to get to, an Alexa rank of 50,000, an extremely respectable position:

100,000 Group

Same as above, but going for 100,000 status (this is my group!):

200,000 Group

This is the group that really needs your help! They’re gunning for a spot in the top 200,000. But I won’t share them with you today–in order to give them maximum exposure, I’ve decided to feature this group in their own round-up next week! Stay tuned.

If you’re interested in joining the Yakezie Alexa challenge and run a personal finance blog, just head over to Financial Samurai’s post and leave a comment with your current ranking!

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Enjoy the rest of your week!

16 thoughts on “March Links Roundup: Yakezie Challenge Edition

  1. Nice job Sir, you picked out my favorite articles from all the sites. Either we are twins, or those posts were very good ­čÖé

    Nice job on the Wisebread’s posts, I really liked that article about 2nd jobs. I’m still trying to catch you in the challenge, I’m 1,000 points behind at the moment.

    Keep up the good work, I still miss the chile pepper though.
    .-= Jeff @ DeliverAwayDebt┬┤s last post: Discipline Your Way Out Of Debt =-.

    1. Hahaha I think it was a guest post by some guy who delivers pizzas… ­čśë

      The chili pepper will be back; patience, my friend.

  2. Could I get in that special round up next week? (puppy dog face)
    .-= MyFinancialObjectives┬┤s last post: Employer Contributions, Part 2 of 4: Why You NEED to Contribute to Your 401(k) =-.

  3. Sorry I am a bit late here as have been away….. Thanks for the link ­čÖé
    .-= Forest┬┤s last post: Watch TV On Your Computer =-.

  4. Thanks a million for adding me :), I have been very inactive recently due to having to leave Egypt and then family related problems here in the States :(…. Hoping to get back to Egypt in the next month, resolve the family issues and get back to normal running!

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