Weigh In on The Best Debates

One of the things I love most about blogging is the ability to get immediate feedback from you! Over the last 12 months, we’d had our fair share of good discussions on Fiscal Fizzle about everything from insurance to parenting.

This weekend, I’d like to highlight some of the most popular debates, as well as those I enjoyed the most. Many of you are also new readers, so I would like to encourage you to add to the discussion if you can!

Here are a few of the most popular posts based on the number of comments and depth of the debate:

Here are a couple of posts that I wish got more attention. Many of them are posts from my early days, where readers were sparse. Please consider weighing in on these “old” discussions, too!

I hope you can take a minute and contribute your opinion to one of these posts! Enjoy your weekends and have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Eduardo Frei

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