What’s Sizzling? – October 10th Edition

The weeks of the pregnancy are flying by like hotcakes. I can’t believe there’s only three months to go before the little guy gets out! I’ve been spending a lot of time working to get our home ready for the baby. There’s an amazing amount of stuff to get done!

Okay – let’s talk finance. As usual, I search the Internet all week long for the best of the best in personal finance. Here’s this week’s run-down of sizzlers:

  • Get Rich Slowly clued us in on a new feature at Credit.com called the Credit Report Card. It’s free, and it gives you a great rundown of where you stand with your credit.
  • Walmart is apparently teaching financial institutions some bad habits, says Money Ning. Here’s what happens when you try to be ‘all things.’
  • I’m not a sexist – I just think we have to accept and work within our differences. Shrinkage is Good shows us how men and women handle money differently.
  • Tough Money Love proposes that Cash for Clunkers was a waste for taxpayers. He makes a very compelling argument, and new data coming out seems to back up this view.

As always, there are some great personal finance carnivals to check out if you’re looking for more reading. Here are a few I participated in over the last two weeks:

Thank you to everyone who included my post in their links over the last few weeks, including Financial Methods and Yielding Wealth.

That’s it for today – have a happy and healthy Columbus Day weekend! I’ll leave you this week with another inspirational quote:

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson