Fiscal Fizzle 2.0, Now With CC 3.0

There are three recent changes to the blog that I’d like to cover today. All three affect the content you get and how you interact with it, and I think all three are a move in the right direction for the blog.

Check it out:

Less Posting, More Oomph

About a month ago, I made a significant change to Fiscal Fizzle – I promised you less frequent posts with a lot more emphasis on quality information and wholesome content.

Based on last month’s traffic and the way my recent material has spread around the Net, I have no doubt in my mind that this change was the right thing to do.

Putting together one to two killer posts per week is my goal. ‘What’s Sizzling?,’ my regular link post, is being published every other weekend.

I’ve got to thank my readers for sticking with me as I make the change. Really, you’re a fantastic group. As your reward, I have some really good material lined up for this month. Really, it’s juicy.

Creative Commons 3.0

All work published on Fiscal Fizzle is now licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. You’ll notice the change reflected in my footer.

What the heck is Creative Commons? In short, you can share my work however you’d like (copy, distribute, and/or transmit), and adapt and built on it to your heart’s desire. In either case, all that’s required is a link or credit back to my site.

Why the change? I think traditional copyright is just too restrictive. I like Leo’s uncopyright, and it’s helped him grow immensely. I want you to share my work. I want you to take it, analyze it, spin it upside down, and come up with another killer interpretation. Use it in presentations, or print it for an office meeting. Go ahead – I won’t get mad, and now it’s legal.

The whole concept is very much in line with what I believe about blogging. We are a financial community trying to find the best common answer, not individuals trying to be the first.

And finally,

AdSense is Out

To give credit where credit is due, Baker and Chris Guillebeau inspired me to do this. AdSense ads are simply useless when it comes to giving you value, and I’d rather keep you on my site than send you into the unknown.

There have been, and will be, plenty of opportunities to endorse products I love, and take advantage of affiliate marketing. You don’t need to be bombarded with banner ads in the meantime. I hope it makes for a cleaner reading experience.

Enough said.

September in Review

September flew by in a jiffy. Just to close things out with a bang, here are the top three most-read posts this month (did you catch them all?):

Let’s have a great month together!

Photo Credit: ‘Rebirth’ by / CC BY 2.0

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  1. Thanks for telling me about the Creative Commons 3 license. I think that I will add that to my site.

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