Pregnancy Expenses in the Second Trimester

If you’re a new reader, thanks for joining the party! Stick around, you might enjoy it. Oh yeah, and we’re pregnant.

Part of the fun is reporting our pregnancy expenses, one trimester at a time. Here’s what things looked like in the first trimester. Not too shabby…we kept things low-key and were able to maintain a sense of control over our spending.

We’re at the 25 week mark and almost through the second trimester, so it’s about that time to do another report and see how we’re doing, as well as a few updates on old expenses.

I want to say the second trimester will probably the most fun of the three. The initial shock has worn off (not that it was a surprise), and we’ve entered a nice ‘groove.’ Meanwhile, the actual birth is far enough away that the anxiety of getting through it all hasn’t set in yet.

Financially speaking, it’s actually a fairly quiet time. Many of our first-trimester expenses have carried over, while it’s still a bit too soon to think in terms of post-birth supplies.

Here’s a rundown of expenses in the last few months:

  • Pre-Natal Vitamins. This expense began in the first trimester and will continue through the pregnancy and possibly beyond (for breast feeding). Since our last report, we’ve been able to cut costs by using a prescription mail-order service through our insurance company. We purchased three months of pre-natals for about the price of two. Over the life of the pregnancy, that will save us in the neighborhood of $150.
  • Doctor’s Visits, Tests, and Ultrasounds. Since all of our doctor’s visits are billed to one lump sum at birth, there weren’t any billable medical expenses this month, except one ‘optional’ ultrasound. That hit us up for a $50 co-pay.
  • Down Payments. Our doctor (and most doctors, in talking with other couples) requires that our deductible down payment be completed by the 28th week of pregnancy. The upcoming month will be our last payment toward this, and we’ll be using the amount to save for birth expenses through the next three months.
  • Parental Education. This includes your standard line-up of first-time birth classes, which are typically billed prior to attendance. We’re actually starting the first class next week! For the various classes (including CPR and breast-feeding), we came in just under $200.
  • Increased Food Costs. About 20-22 weeks into pregnancy, I noticed my wife’s appetite starting to pick up, which will translate into slightly higher grocery costs.
  • Maternity Clothing. Since we purchased ‘froofy dresses’ in the first trimester, those have really worked well as my wife’s belly grows, and we have limited the need to expand her wardrobe. We did make some pregnancy-specific purchases like support bras and bigger shoes.
  • Nursery Building. As the pregnancy begins to settle in, we’ve also started to consider the various pieces of furniture and equipment our new baby will demand. Gifts from family and friends have begun to pour in. Meanwhile, we’re doing careful research on the ‘big items’ – the crib, dressers, car seats, strollers, etc. in preparation for an eventual purchase or gift registry.
  • Birth & First Year Expenses. We’re continuing to save up for birth & first year expenses, which regardless of the best planning, will be somewhat unpredictable. A nice cushion of savings will buffer us against any unforeseen circumstances.

As I mentioned before, you’ll notice that many of our first-trimester expenses have continued through the last few months. As we enter the last trimester, I think we’ll see a significant shift as we start looking forward to what we’ll need down the road.

It’s never too early to start thinking about things like college, and we’ve been collecting resources to look over and consider while we still have the free time. Some of the books I’ve reviewed in the past, like Expecting Money, have proven to be very helpful. Web resources are also abundant, although many are state-specific.

We’re looking forward to an exciting final trimester. Thanks for all the warm wishes and for following along! If any of our soon-to-be parents or those with kids would like to share their own pregnancy experiences, please do so in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Expenses in the Second Trimester

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    1. Thank you for the wishes! They are exciting, indeed. I am getting a bit impatient as we wait for the birth. I just want to start playing with the little guy. 🙂

  2. I will be following your blog now that I found it. This is baby #3 for me, but I’m always interested in financial advice when it comes to pregnancy and parenting. We’re also starting week 25 in a few days. 🙂

    1. Glad to have you on board! It sounds like we’re on the same schedule. Funny enough, a couple at work has the exact same due date as us! What are the chances?

  3. Congrats – kids are a total blast; aside from our 5-year old waking us up at 5AM saying he was attacked by a giant carrot (too much veggytales?).

    Anyway, from an economic standpoint (I can’t help myself), the cool thing about having more kids is the economies of scale. We’ve found that the first child is so expensive with so many one-time purchases (although if you make out like bandits at the shower, that’s a big help), but subsequent kids can use so many of the toys, cribs, blankets, car seats, etc. again – all the stuff you have to do up front. Additionally, as your friends and family start having kids, definitely do the swap thing.

    Kid #1 – awesome. #2 and on – it just gets better.

    Nice post.

    1. The carrot thing is hilarious. Although I’m sure it will get old, I can’t wait to hear stuff like that!

      I hear your point about scale. It will be a challenge for me to keep things around the house as our first grows out of them because I’m very minimalistic lately. But I know it will be the right thing to do.

      By the way, we’re planning on at least two, so it should work out. 🙂

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