What’s Sizzling? – September 27th Edition

The weekend is here, and it’s a fantastic one! I spent Saturday furiously cleaning and writing, so I could enjoy Sunday with a little tennis and relaxation. Wherever you are, I hope you’re taking the time to be with family and remember what’s important in life.

Onto financial things – here’s a rundown of posts I found inspiring, useful, timely, or just plain fantastic in the last few weeks:

  • J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly has prepared a list of Essential Personal Finance e-Books. There were a few on the list that I had not seen before.
  • It’s truly becoming the ‘freelance economy.’ If you still have a job, but are interested in working from home anyway, look at Money Under 30’s post on How to Ask Your Boss to Work From Home.
  • A bit of current events, if you missed it – the online financial management giant Mint is being acquired by none other than Intuit, the makers of Quicken products. More on Mint’s blog here and here.
  • Non-financial, but very useful anyway, is a post from Dumb Little Man that talks about 47 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Brain. This is one I’ll be referring to for a long time.

Word about Fiscal Fizzle is getting around! I have a couple of special thanks to dish out this week:

  • J.D. Roth graciously featured me on Get Rich Slowly, with Finding Financial Values. This was a follow-up to my post on finding your financial heart, and I got to read some fantastic comments at GRS.
  • Lots of thanks to Baker from Man vs. Debt for being a source of great encouragement over the last few weeks.
  • I was able to guest post on the MSN Smart Spending Blog with ‘Finding Your Financial Heart.’ Thank you to Karen Datko for setting that up!
  • There are too many to mention, but thank you to everyone who included my posts in their weekly round-ups!

I’d also like to mention a couple of carnivals from the last few weeks:

I’ll leave you with this great quote I overheard for the first time at a Karate studio last week:

“What is a black belt? A white belt that doesn’t quit!”

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