Fiscal Fizzle is Changing/August in Review

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Nah – just kidding, it’s only the end of August. As summer wraps up and school begins anew, it’s a time of renewal and reflection for many of us.

Not to be outdone, I’ve done some of my own reflection lately.

Change is in the Air

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few weeks about simplicity, integrity, value creation, and a wealth of other topics. I admire blogs like Zen Habits and Man vs. Debt, just to name a few, for highly relevant and well-crafted content.

My intent is not to replicate those blogs. But I do want to infuse every one of my posts with a great degree of value, well-researched content, a high quality of writing, and compelling arguments.

Family and career obligations outside of blogging are always changing, and for me they have recently increased. As a result, I find myself with a decreased amount of time to write, and increased pressure to produce daily posts without sacrificing writing quality. That’s unfair both to this blog and to myself.

I cannot give my readers anything less than my best, because I expect it of myself and you should, too. In order to give you that, here’s what the last four months of 2009 will look like at Fiscal Fizzle:

  • I will be writing one to two main posts per week, filled with as much value as I can inject. I will not have a set schedule – when I feel a post is complete, I will publish it.
  • Intermittently, I will be publishing shorter posts, including reviews, guest posts, and relevant links (these will no longer be a weekly column).
  • I will be spending more time creating other valuable work for my readers, such as eBooks, which I plan to start releasing next year.
  • I will re-evaluate things at New Year’s (or shortly thereafter when my first child is born) and decide how best to proceed.

You have been a fantastic audience! I think this is a step in the right direction for the blog and the right adjustment considering my personal life.

The Best of August

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at what rocked in August. Here were the top five posts based on traffic and comments this month:

  1. 55 Ways to Simplify Your Finances
  2. Fifteen 5-Minute Tasks to Improve Your Finances
  3. Is Cash Dead? 10 Places You’ll Still Need It
  4. Is It Time for a New Car?
  5. The Days of Land Lines are Numbered

My top referrers in August (thank you very much!) were:

  1. Wallet Pop Blog
  2. Bad Money Advice
  3. Budgets are Sexy
  4. Wall Street Journal – The Wallet

Fiscal Fizzle continues to grow at an alarming pace and August was the best month, by far, in terms of blog traffic. Thank you to all my readers who make that possible.

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Photo by Viernest