‘Staycation’ Added to Webster’s Dictionary

I saw this headline flash across my screen earlier this week and thought it was a curious development. Apparently, Merriam-Webster released a list of about 100 words added to its collegiate dictionary. It’s quite interesting what makes the cut.

I’ve written extensively over the last few months about vacation options, and curiously enough staycations were one of the suggestions. After all, the current crisis has made many of us re-think our spending priorities and search for alternatives to ‘traditional’ entertainment and travel.

Here are a few selections from my archives:

Webster defines the new word as follows:

staycation (noun) – a vacation spent at home or nearby (from Merriam-Webster online)

The first recorded use is reported around 2005, with an explosion in popularity in 2007. That’s also about the first time I ever heard the word used.

Among some of the other words added this year? Waterboarding, reggaeton, carbon footprint, and green-collar. Certainly a sign of the times…