What’s Sizzling? – May 29th Edition

Welcome to another edition of What’s Sizzling, where I review the best (in my opinion) posts from around the personal finance blogosphere. It was a short week with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, but there was no shortage of great posting.

My Favorites

  • If a major purchase is on the horizon for you, you may want to check out a post on Five Cent Nickel that shares a few tips on big purchases, including saving for, shopping for, and making your purchase.
  • If you think human decency and honesty is dead, read this story from Wise Bread about a restaurant where you pay what you can afford. What an amazing story!
  • Via the Paycheck Chronicles comes a story from the Greenest Dollar that’s not from this week, but very apropos to some of my latest posts. Discover grocery store tricks and how to avoid them.
  • You may have heard of the free credit report you’re entitled to each year by law. But did you know the same law lets you get free copies of other important reports as well? Jim from Bargaineering tells us about specialty reports we should check annually.
  • If your financial situation is a mess, consider what would happen if disaster struck – you passed away or were otherwise unable to care for the family’s finances. Would someone else be able to step into your shoes or would they be lost? Trent at the Simple Dollar tells us how to prepare our financial information for disaster.
  • Not Made of Money gives us a post about five ways to stay disciplined in our savings, such as direct deposit, and celebrating victories.

Carnivals This Week

I participated in a total of four carnivals this week, and was honored to be selected as the Editor’s Pick in two of them! Here are all the goodies:

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  1. Thanks for the mention…I learn something new every time I read about supermarket strategies. It is so helpful to keep up on the new ways they are working.

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