Don’t Play The Recession Victim at Work – Boost Your Productivity

An interesting phenomenon occurs at the workplace when a recession comes sweeping through.

Some people become hyper-motivated, ready to do anything possible to enhance the business, bring in work, and produce whatever “widget” it is your company produces.

Then there are those who close up, become defensive and protective of their own work, worry too much, mope around all day, and spread negativity throughout the office.

Don’t be like the second group. It’s not fun working around you! We all have problems, and we’re all worried. But do whatever it takes to “get over it” and bring your A-Game to the office.

Productivity-Boosting Ideas

  1. Motivation starts elsewhere. If you’re lacking in productivity at work, examine your life outside of the office – often, you may not be getting enough rest or sleep, you lack exercise, and you aren’t pursuing any hobbies that allow your life to have some variety.
  2. Focus on priorities. It’s easy to start wasting time and filling your days with meaningless tasks when we have bigger things to worry about, like getting a paycheck. But that is a quick downward spiral. Focus on your job’s core responsibilities and execute those as best as you can.
  3. Stick with the positives. A “recession-filled” workplace can quickly drain your energy when everyone is being overly negative. Find a way to focus your day on the positives – fill your space with motivational quotes, go for a lunchtime walk, take a break to call your wife, or listen to recharging music.
  4. Examine your responsibilities. If you have a spouse or children relying on you for a steady income, now is not the time to wander aimlessly around the office. Think about who is counting on you to deliver.
  5. Communicate expectations. Priorities and direction can quickly get muddled when the boss needs more time to focus on “economic crisis” mode and less time on “employee leadership” mode. But without understanding where you’re going, you will get lost. Insist on time with your superiors and use it to clarify their expectations of your time.

Play The Winner, Not The Victim

It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing the victim in a recession. But a lot of it is just media hype and groupthink. Fact is, 92% of us are still employed, and we have an important job to do.

Moping around because of the recession will, unfortunately, only contribute to its continuity, and probably cost you a paycheck.

Don’t get scared. Open your eyes, focus on the goal, and do everything in your power to get there. Understand that every person plays a small but critical part in the success of the company.

Your Thoughts

Have you found your productivity at work decreasing because of the fear of recession or job loss? How have you dealt with it?

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