Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It seems that every major gift-giving holiday brings out the best in frugal/personal finance bloggers when it comes to ideas for meaningful gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow (in case you forgot), and keeping with the tradition I started for Valentine’s Day, I’ve prepared a short round-up of frugal gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.

Now get out there and get your Mom something special!

  • Free From Broke’s list includes homemade cards, photo projects, and the little things in life, like breakfast in bed.
  • From the Paycheck Chronicles this week comes the “Frugal 5: Local Edition” and its counterpart, the “Frugal 5: Remote Edition.” Choose the one that corresponds to the distance from your Mom for some great ideas!
  • The Bargain Babe gives us some last-minute Mother’s Day ideas, like spa treatments, or performing long-overdue chores!
  • Another last-minute list comes from Lazy Man and Money. It includes one of my favorite and very personalized ideas – making a video to send your Mom (suggestion originally from Kosmo @ The Casual Observer).
  • Moolanomy Personal Finance also produced a list of 7 frugal ideas, including one that I’ve used for many occasions before, and it always seems to work wonders when done well – the personal poem. I’m telling you – it can melt hearts and comes off as extremely genuine (which it usually is!).
  • Frugal For Life gives us a list of 7 ways to gift for less, including spending limits and donating to a good cause.
  • Finally, the Caveman shares with us the idea of the love coupon. It’s a fun idea that can also give the recipient some choice in the gift.

I wish all the mothers a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I could never do a poem, I am not very good at word fluff. However I am technical enough at sending a personal Mother’s day video.

    Thanks for the link as well Wojciech

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